Rainbow Tutoring

Santa Monica / Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 310-902-7912
Email: rainbowtutoringoffice@gmail.com

Meet Cindy Chanin – the CEO / Founder of Rainbow EDU Consulting & Tutoring, as well as a former admissions officer from both Yale and USC.

Cindy and Rainbow provide students and families with game-changing and empowering academic enrichment, admissions counseling, college consulting, test preparation, mentoring, service learning opportunities, and entrepreneurial immersion.

A few of their most sought-after programs include:

  • Paving the Way to the College of Your Dreams (10th-11th grade & rising seniors)
  • High School Paving Retreats at UCLA (grades 7th-9th)
  • Standardized Test Prep
  • Private College and Independent School Admissions Counseling
  • Personalized enrichment studies / entrepreneurial and leadership projects
  • Academic Tutoring
  • Complementary Panel Events: College Knowledge & The Psychology of Success

Rainbow’s Paving programs have impacted so many lives, helping teens tap into their greatest potential, shift liabilities into assets and problems into opportunities, make inspired and conscientious decisions, cultivate invaluable self-awareness and seek out environments and communities that set them up for success, as well as advocate for themselves and build meaningful relationships with mentors/peers/adults who can honor their individuality and support them through their teenage triumphs and tribulations.

It is a honor to embark upon this illuminating journey with teens who are ready to engage in and implement their very own personally-tailored educational and extracurricular trajectory as well as successful college preparatory experience.

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