College Time Now

Half Moon Bay, CA and online
Phone: 650-207-7967

College Time Now is a premier college advising service. Receive College Consulting and College Advising from College Time Now! Discover the best colleges for you with help from College Time Now.

Tatum Hutton, a Harvard and Berkeley graduate, is the founder and creator of the customized approach that College Time Now is known for. Don’t settle; set the course for your career by finding the college where you will thrive!

Tatum, a college consultant and certified teacher, is extremely passionate about helping students find colleges that they will truly thrive at, thus setting the tone for the rest of their careers and lives.
Her college advising began after having so many SAT/ACT students ask for her advice. Since that time over 9 years ago, Tatum has developed College Time Now to meet every single client’s individual needs to help them succeed at the best college for them.
In addition to her 9+ years of experience, Tatum completed her Certificate in College and Career Advising at Berkeley in 2014. With over 200 hours in the classroom focused on college advising, this program helped Tatum fine tune her skills to improve her services. Tatum does an extensive intake to determine the very best options for each student, advises on financial aid, and guides students in writing the best essays without losing their voice in the process.

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