Bespoke Tutoring

Atlanta, GA
Phone: 404-348-0587

At Bespoke Tutoring, we know that classroom teachers are given the impossible task of teaching to a diverse group students in a limited amount of time; a daunting responsibility considering the multitude of learning styles, learning differences, and personalities of the students.  So at Bespoke Tutoring, we know the importance of finding the right person to work with your student.  With our one-on-one tutoring, we work to find the perfect tutor who will truly connect with your student. We take your child’s personality, interests, and learning preferences into consideration before matching them with a tutor. We believe this leads to the most effective tutoring possible.  Plus, we can come right to your home so meeting with your Bespoke tutor is always convenient!

Our tutors are available to assist and teach SAT Prep, ACT Prep, SSAT Prep, Elementary and Middle school curriculum, Pre-Algebra through college level Calculus,  Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics, History, Psychology, English, Essay Writing, Critical Reading, Time Management skills, and Organizational skills.  We are also available for AP, IB, and accelerated courses as well as grade level assistance.

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